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As a dog owner, are you tired of your dog frequently jumping on people, Guests, and even you? Jumping can be a challenging task for you to deal with.

But don’t worry shock collar training may solve your problem. For some people shock collar is cruel, but if you use it correctly, this is one of the best methods to stop bad behavior.

Okay, so how do you use a shock collar correctly?

In this article, I will guide you on How To Use a Shock Collar To Stop Jumping and the proper steps to reduce jumping behavior in your furry friends.

Why do dogs jump on you?

When trying to stop the jumping and any other unwanted behavior in your dog, it’s important to know first why the dog is jumping on you. Dogs jump on you for plenty of reasons. I cover some common reasons below:

One of the most common reasons dogs may jump on you is when they are excited or happy. For example, when to come home from work, it may jump on you because they are happy to see you.

Another reason for dog jumping, dogs jump on you because they want your attention. If your dog continuously jumps on you, it’s likely they want something from you, they could be food or a toy. 

One of the other reasons can be the fear that your dogs might jump up on you in response to other dogs or people. 

Oaky, so I hope you will be aware of why dogs jump, now come with me to stop this behavior. Therefore, the following steps will help you to get the desired behavior.

How To Use a Shock Collar To Stop Jumping (step by step Guide)

How To Use a Shock Collar To Stop Jumping

here are some effective steps that help you stop bad behavior.

Choose the right collar:

When you decide to train your dog to stop jumping with the help of a shock collar, then it’s important to buy a quality collar that suits your dog’s temperament. You can read My good research list of shock collars to stop bad behavior.

Fit the collar properly: 

If you have a good collar, now is the time to wear it to your dog’s neck, but it’s really important to know how to put a shock collar on your dog because this is not a normal collar, I recommend you put a collar on your dog according to the two-finger role. you can read my detailed guide here.

Start with the lowest setting:

So when you are fully satisfied the collar is properly fitted, you can start training with the lowest setting, it’s important to start with a low setting because a high setting of the collar can cause pain and fear in your dogs.

Use the collar to correct jumping behavior:

After starting with the low setting, now it is time to gradually increase your setting. if your dogs obey your command on a low setting then don’t need to increase stimulation levels. When it comes to using shock collars for jumping when you notice your dog trying to jump up than say the command “No” and immediately press the button on the collar. Repeat this process for some days as soon as your dog stops jumping then reward it with treats and praise.

Monitor your dog’s reaction: 

It’s important to keep an eye on your dogs when using a remote collar if they seem scared, stop using a remote collar training and move to another training method.

Be consistent:

When trying to stop dog jumping behavior then consistency is the key to stopping your dogs from unwanted behavior.

Gradually reduce the use of the collar:

Once your dogs stop jumping now it’s time to reduce the use of shock collars, you can use them if needed. And continue command training. Such is No, Stop.

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How Do I Train My Dog Not To Jump On Other Dogs?

How To Use A Shock Collar To Stop Jumping

If you want to train your dogs to ignore other dogs and not jump on them thin you can follow some easy and effective steps that help you a lot.

  1.  My First and most effective training method for stopping dogs from jumping on other dogs is to socialize your dog at an early age.
  2. Using a shock collar for jumping behavior is also a good method when your dog trying to jump on other dogs Say “No” in loud voice and press the button immediately, which helps your dog to stop these jumping behaviors.
  3. And last but not the least, use positive reinforcement training to stop bad behavior, for example when your dog jumps on other dogs and says No if it obeys your commands then reward your dog with treats and praise. (source)

What is the best collar to stop a dog from jumping?

If you want to know the best shock collar for stopping dog jumping behavior, then it is recommended to use the Mini Educator Remote Training Collar.

Recommended for jumping

Mini Educator Remote Training Collar

  • waterproof
  • 1/2 range
  • three training modes
  • 100 stimulation levels


In conclusion, training your dogs to jump up on you and other dogs is a challenging task but with the help of these effective training techniques you can stop this behavior and train your dog like a champ. So I Hope, now you are well aware of how to use a shock collar to stop jumping. 


How long do you use a shock collar?

Shock collars are also called training collars because these collars are used to train your dog, so it’s recommended to shock collars for 6 to 8 hours a day.

What level should I set my shock collar at?

it depends if you are using a remote collar for the first time on your dogs it’s important to 1 level on your collar 

When not to use a shock collar

I recommend you not use a shock collar when your dogs don’t understand basic obedience such as, sit, No, and calm.

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