Best Shock Collar For Large Stubborn Dogs in 2023

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Welcome to my most recent article in 2023, in which I’ll talk about the best shock collar for large stubborn dogs. As a dog trainer, I am aware of how challenging it can be to train big, resistant dogs, especially when they are strong and powerful. For this reason, I covered the list of the top shock collars made especially for powerful-willed larger breed dogs.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that your large dogs are safe and will behave when off-leash and simply want to stop them from jumping, barking, or digging, I have you covered. Therefore, let’s get going and find the ideal collar that enables you to train like a pro.

Best Shock Collar For Large Stubborn Dogs

1. Dogtra collars for training large dogs

1est picks

Introducing the Dogtra First Collar, Dogtra is a good brand that has been making shocks for years.

Now it comes to this collar, this collar is one of the top-of-the-line shock collars for controlling your stubborn dogs. When it comes to stimulation levels, this collar is ideal. Because this collar has 127 levels of stimulation, you can train your large dogs without any harm or injury. You can choose a stimulation level according to your dog’s needs.

Now discuss the most important feature of the collar, and that’s the range. This collar comes with ¾ mile long range to ensure you can train your dogs at a distance.

 Its fully waterproof design ensures that your dogs can easily enjoy swimming, playing, and training in the rain. This means you can train your dogs on any beach trip without any worry.

One of my favorite features of this collar is the ergonomic design which means you enjoy using this collar.

Overall, this collar is very effective in any type of training, including basic obedience training, hunting, and any type of competitive task.

Now is the time to discuss the price of this collar, this collar is really effective and easy to use but the price of this collar is a little bit expensive for some owners if you have a budget then this collar is for you.


  • ¾ mile range 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • 3 training modes 


  • Expensive option for some owners.

2. PATPET Dog Training Collar

2end Best option

The PATPET Dog Training Collar is a powerful tool designed for professional trainers to train stubborn dogs. It comes with two channels and three training modes, including shock, vibration, and beeps, to allow you to train large dogs safely and effectively.

When it comes to range, this collar has a range of 3/4 mile. The range is more than enough to train your dogs for good distances. 

It is also waterproof, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor training as well as hunting with close-working dogs. Your dogs can enjoy playing in the rain and swimming without any worry.

The collar receiver is rechargeable and has a long-lasting battery. You can use it for 11 days without having to recharge it after only two hours of charging. This feature-rich design makes this collar ideal for outdoor training.

It is especially for medium and large dogs weighing between 15 and 140 Ibs. The belt of the collar is made of TPU material that lasts for years.  collar

Overall, the PATPET Dog Training Collar is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you train your stubborn dogs with ease. When it comes to price, this is a little bit expensive, but if you have a budget, then this is my second recommendation to buy for stubborn dogs.


  • ¾ mile range
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Waterproof design 
  • 3 training modes


  • Expensive option 
  • May be too high for small dogs ( under 8 months)

3. SportDOG training collars

3erd Best picks

SportDOG is one of the most famous Brands for making shock collars. let’s talk about the collar.

Sport dog collar is the perfect solution for high-drive and stubborn dogs that do not respond to lower levels of stimulation. This collar Comes with a 500-yard training range, that more than enough to train your dogs at a distance.

And also supports training up to three dogs with the purchase of additional collars. It is specially designed for dogs that are 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes ranging from 5″ – 22″. which means not recommended to use on small dogs.

When comes to stimulaton level, this collar offers 21 levels of stimulation with low and high ranges, including beep and vibration.

Because this collar uses submerged 25 feet dry tech technology, making it ideal for training in any type of weather condition. And also perfect for those dogs who enjoy swimming and playing in rain.

Let’s talk about battery life, So this rechargeable collar uses lithium-ion batteries that take just 2 hours to fully charge and last up to 50 to 70 hours per charge. 

Overall, the SportDOG training collar is a reliable and effective training collar for dog owners who are looking for training large and stubborn dogs.


  • 3 training modes 
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Design for large dogs
  • 500-yard training range
  • Rechargeable battery 


  • Not recommend for small dogs 

4. PatPet shock collar

Recommended for 2 dogs

If you have 2 stubborn dogs then this collar is ideal for you. A PatPet shock collar is a reliable and effective dog training tool designed for medium- to large-sized dogs weighing between 15 and 150 lbs. This collar comes in a pack of 2, making it perfect for training 2 dogs simultaneously.

Comes with 2 channels and 3 training modes including beep, vibration, and static stimulation with 16 effective and safe modes for training your dogs safely and humanely. this collar is perfect for correcting bad behavior and training your dog to learn new skills.

It’s also great for hunting, agility training, obedience training, and more. The adjustable collar belt is made of TPU material which is very durable and comfortable to wear. It fits neck sizes ranging from 10 to 30”.

This collar comes with a kit that includes a training treat pouch, a training clicker, a training whistle, and more to making easy and effective your training sessions.

Because this collar has ¾ mile range that shows, this collar is ideal for outdoor and indoor training, even also good for hunting tasks.

When talking about outdoor training sessions, then most people think about waterproofing, fourthly this collar also is IPX7 fully waterproofed design, making it perfect for beach trips and again outdoor training.

Let’s talk about battery life, this collar comes with a rechargeable battery that takes only 2 hours to fully charge and lasts up to more than 11 days, making it convenient for a long training session.

Overall, the feature shows this collar is one of the most effective and easy-to-use shock collars in the market for large dogs.


  • Train up to 2 dogs
  • 3 training modes 
  • IPX7 waterproof 
  • Rechargeable battery 


  • A collar may be bulky for small dogs

5. Nikketta shock collar


If you are looking for affordable and easy-to-use training tools then this collar is for you. this collar is a versatile training tool for dogs. It comes with my favorite five main features, including beep, vibration, shock, light, and keypad lock. 

These Features help to teach basic obedience commands and correct unwanted behaviors of dogs, like being a bark collar. 

The collar is fully waterproof which means your dogs can easily swim and play in rain without any worry. 

The collar has an additional light with two modes of continued on and flash functions, which is really helpful when finding your dogs in darkness. The beep and vibration function can correct most of your dog’s bad habits. 

The high-intensity vibration function can also give the dog a more powerful warning, and the shock function (1-99 level) is for more stubborn dogs.

The collar comes long training range that is 3280 ft which is a good range for this price tag. The collar has two ways of communication, between the remote control and receiver making the command more accurate and safe. When comes to charging this collar can be recharged with a USB cable and 2 hours of charging can last up to 30-35 days.

Overall, the Collar is an effective training tool for dogs with multiple functions, in this price tag, this collar is one of the best collars for owners.


  • 3 effective training modes 
  • Flashlights for night use 
  • Waterproof 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • 3280ft training range


  • Remote Receiver is not waterproof 

6. Bousnic Shock Collars

For 2 dogs

Introducing one of the best brands, Bousnic Shock Collars, the perfect training collar for your large dogs! One of the most important features of this collar is a 3300ft control range which means you can easily train your dog without delay, and at a good distance.

The collar comes with three separate and adjustable training modes, including beep(1-8), vibration(1-16), and safe shock(1-99), with a range of levels to ensure that you train your dogs without any harm and use it according to your dog needs.

Designed totally sealed, this waterproof collar is perfect for showering, swimming, and playing in rain without any worry, and this is also very lightweight and compact, making it perfect for dogs of all sizes without burdening them.

The collar’s remote has an ergonomic design with separate buttons that allow you to switch between channels 1 and 2 to train two dogs at the same time without any misoperations.

When comes to battery, The collar can last up to 15-60 days after only 2-3 hours of charging, and can easily be charged with a car charger or power bank, making it perfect for long runs or camping trips with your furry friend.

Overall, With the Bousnic Collar, you can train your stubborn dog in a humane and effective way. So if you have 2 dogs and you are on a budget then this collar is ideal for you.


  • 3300 training range
  • Train up to 2 dogs
  • Waterproof design 
  • Rechargeable battery 


  • The receiver needs to recharge in 2 days 

7. PATPET Dog Training Collar


Are you struggling to train your large furry friend? PATPET Dog Training Collar is a good tool for you.

The collar comes with three training modes, including beep, vibration, and 1 to 16 levels of static, you can choose according to your dog’s personality, and with the help of these levels, you can train your dogs more humanly and safely. 

With the remote button’s blind operation feature, you can distinguish it by touch without looking, allowing you to focus on training your dog without any distractions.

The receiver is IPX7 waterproof, ensuring it can be used in any type of weather condition.

When comes to battery, the collar has a Rechargeable battery that ensures that you can train your furry friends without any disturbance.

the collar is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs. And also The PATPET Training Collar is easy to use, effective, and safe, ensuring your furry friend is well-behaved while feeling comfortable and secure.

Overall, this collar is also a good collar make sure to choose it according to your needs.


  • 3 training modes
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • rechargeable battery


  • the receiver is not waterproof

8. INVIROX Shock Collar

Affordable option

This dog training collar features, three types of training modes including (shock 1-99), (beep 1-8), and (vibration 1-16) You can easily adjust the stimulation to find the level that is best suited to furry friends.

Safety is a top priority for me, so with help of the INVIROX Shock Collar, You can decrease the risk of accidental shock by sliding the security keypad lock to stop misoperation. 

The is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs which means you can use it on 8 to 120 Ibs.

Because this collar has a 3350ft training range this collar is ideal for outdoor training such as at parks and beaches.

 Plus, the collar is 100% waterproof design, making it a great option for dogs who love to swim or play in the rain. The lightweight and rechargeable design makes it convenient to use. 

Overall, this collar is one of my favorite collars because of the Feature keypad lock, and also an affordable collar you can consider.


  • 3350 training range 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Lightweight 
  • affordable 


  • Maybe high for small dogs 

Things in mind when buying a shock collar for large stubborn dogs 

If you decided to train your dog with a shock collar then, congratulations, a shock collar is the best and most effective way to train your dog. and now you’re looking for a shock collar but you don’t know what looks like in a shock collar for a large dog. Furnutaly I have covered the buying guide that help you to choose the Best collar for you.


one of the most important features looks in a collar is the range of the shock collar that helps you to train your dogs at a distance. Especially if you’re planning to train your dog outdoors.

A number of dogs: 

if you’re the owner of multiple dogs, then make sure to buy a collar with Features that train up to 2 and more dogs at the same time. 

Training modes: 

if you have a stubborn dog make sure to buy a shock collar that offers multiple training modes, such as vibration, shock, and beep. Having multiple modes it is easy to find one that suits your dog’s temperament. 


 it’s important to buy a shock collar with an adjustable collar that helps your dogs wear it comfortably.

Battery life: 

one of the most important features of the shock collar is the battery life which includes Checking the battery life of the collar to make sure it will last for long training sessions. Look for a collar that has a long battery life, so you don’t have to recharge it frequently.

Waterproof design: 

Waterproof design is really important when you plan to train your dogs outdoors then make sure this feature is important.


In conclusion, finding the best shock collar for large stubborn dogs can be a challenging task. However, with My list of the best shock collars on the market in 2023, you should not be facing any problem with picking out the perfect collar for your needs. If you want to know my recommendation then 1 collar on the list is perfect for you. thanks for reading.

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Do shock collars work for stubborn dogs?

yes, the shock collar is the best way to stop your dogs from bad behavior and is also recommended for stubborn behaviors.

Are shock collars good for aggressive dogs?

well, using a shock collar for aggressive behavior is not a good idea. if you want to use then make sure to use it under the dog trainer’s guidance.

Do shock collars correct behavior?

A shock collar is one of the most effective ways to correct your dog’s behavior.

How much does a training collar cost?

if you want to train large dogs with shock collars, then buy a quality collar for your dogs, and quality collars cost you 100$ to 250$.

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